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Delaware Land Casinos

Delaware provides a rich mix of gambling opportunities. Residents can visit several land-based casinos offering a variety of gambling games, including slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette.

Land-based casinos can be a great way to enjoy a night out with friends or family. They provide an opportunity to gamble without having to travel far from home. And for those who do not live in close proximity to a casino, many of Delaware's casinos offer hotel rooms, making them a convenient option for a weekend getaway.

In addition to traditional gambling games, some casinos also offer sports betting and simulcast racing.

Does Delaware Have Casinos?

Delaware is home to multiple land-based casinos, including Dover Downs in Dover, Harrington Raceway and Casino in Harrington, and Delaware Park Racetrack in Wilmington.

Existing brick-and-mortar casinos in the first state have the necessary licenses to provide online gambling services.

Although Delaware is smaller than most US states, it offers its residents various gambling options. Casinos in the state provide over 10,000 games, including table games, slot machines, live horse racing, special events, and buffets.

What Delaware Cities Have Casinos?

As of 2022, the three state-regulated casinos in Delaware are located in Dover, Wilmington, and Harrington.


Casino: Bally's Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

Address: 1131 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, Delaware;


Casino: Delaware Park Racetrack and Casino

Address: 777 Delaware Park Blvd.,
Wilmington, Delaware.


Casino: Harrington Raceway & Casino

Address: 15 W Rider Road, Harrington, Delaware.

What is The Delaware Gaming Control Board?

The Delaware Lottery Games serves as the state's official gaming control board. The agency enforces the rules of play for games, including video lottery terminals and traditional table games.

Online gambling establishments seeking a Delaware license must apply to the Delaware Lottery. This license guarantees that the gambling site complies with all safety and fairness rules set forth by the state of Delaware, such as performing routine checks on the randomness and fairness of its games.

The Delaware Lottery also collects taxes and penalties from these businesses, including on video lottery games' winnings.

In addition to the Delaware Lottery, the Division of Gambling Enforcement is also responsible for upholding the law in the state of Delaware regarding gaming.

Despite the Delaware Lottery having the last say on matters of licensing and regulation, HB 310 emphasizes that the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement is in charge of conducting most of the necessary research for issuing online casino licenses, including conducting background checks on prospective operators and checking that gaming sites comply with state law.

Delaware's Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) consists of both civilian and sworn investigators who report to the state's Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

How Many Land Casinos Are In Delaware?

There are three land-based casinos in Delaware. Bally Dover Downs Casino, Harrington Raceway casino, and Delaware Park Racetrack. Delaware's three great brick-and-mortar casinos offer various games to satisfy any gambler's tastes.

Each establishment started as a racetrack and then expanded to include a casino once the law changed. The casinos feature over 6400 slot machines, 140 table games, betting on all major sports, and horse racing.

Poker is legal in Delaware either in a land-based casino or online. Despite being situated in one of the United States' most competitive gaming marketplaces, Delaware has distinguished itself by authorizing and regulating virtually every type of wager.

The Blue Hen state offers various gambling options, including casinos, horse racing, charitable gambling, and online gambling.

All three land-based casinos in Delaware offer live poker rooms. Delaware Park boasts the most poker tables (45) of any casino in the state while being the smallest casino overall. Compared to Dover Downs (18) and Harrington Raceway & Casino (9), this is a significant increase in the number of poker gaming tables available.

Gambling, defined as "recording or placing stakes or wagers, or "directly or indirectly staking or betting money or anything of value," is legal in Delaware.

Horse race betting minimum requirement age begins at age 18, but casino betting is set at a minimum age of 21. A wide variety of gaming is now permitted in numerous places in the United States.

Residents and visitors can legally gamble in a brick-and-mortar or any licensed online casino as stipulated by law. Gambling over the internet was first sanctioned in Delaware. The passage of the iGaming bill in June 2012 paved the way for similar bills in New Jersey and Nevada in early 2013.

In addition to providing draw games, the Delaware lottery also regulates the state's racetrack casinos, where real money can be wagered. In most jurisdictions, it is against the law to gamble online unless authorized explicitly by that jurisdiction.

Yes, Online Casinos are legal in Delaware. After the Senate approved a measure legalizing online gambling (Gaming Competitiveness Act) in Delaware in 2012, the first such sites in the United States were opened.

All three of Delaware's land-based racinos, Delaware Park, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway, are granted licenses to operate their own designated online gambling sites, with operations overseen by a shared system run by Scientific Games and 888 Holdings.

Each of the three land-based casinos in the state is permitted to operate an internet gambling site, with real money wagering available to state residents and free games available to everyone else.

Land-based casinos in Delaware are sometimes referred to as "racinos" due to the high volume of wagers placed on horse races. However, residents have to place bets physically. Online casinos do not offer this option.

Several different types of slot machines are available for wagering. In addition to the standard Blackjack games, they also provide video poker. Most online casinos and Delaware online poker rooms have modest but manageable sign-up bonuses available. They also offer American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette variants.

The Delaware State Lottery also offers the option to purchase tickets online for those who want to do so from their homes. Gamblers can choose from several different sites officially sanctioned by the state.

Does Delaware Have Table Games And Slot Machines?

Delaware Casinos offer slot machines and table games like Blackjack and Roulette. Although it is a relatively small state, Delaware's land-based gaming sector is substantial. Casino-style games can be played for real money at racinos in New Castle and Kent, as well as pari-mutuel horse race betting and parlay sports betting.

Delaware has three legal online casinos run by the regulated brick-and-mortar casinos within the state: Delaware Park Online (Delaware Park), Bally's Dover Online Gaming (Dover Downs), and Harrington Online (Harrington Raceway). Slot machines, progressive jackpot slots, video poker, and classic table games like blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette can all be played.

Which Land Casino Has The Most Slot Machines?

Bally's Dover Downs is the land-based casino in Delaware with the most Slot Machines.

Bally’s Dover Casino Resort

Formerly known as Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Bally's Dover Casino Resort is the state of Delaware's largest gaming establishment. Blackjack, craps, roulette, and even a little poker may be found at Delaware's largest casino. There are more than 3,000 slot machines and 40+ table games at Bally's Dover Downs, located in Dover.

Other exciting poker table games available on the casino floor include game variants like heads-up Hold 'em and Three Card Poker with a six-card bonus bet all available.

Delaware Park

The Wilmington area in Delaware is home to the Delaware Park Casino, conveniently located next to the Wilmington Memorial Bridge. The casino features 2,500 slots and 60+ table games. The poker room in the casino boasts "action-packed tables, weekly tournaments, select high hand days, (and) outstanding guest service," among other enticements.

In the Delaware Park poker room, players can participate in daily standard-structure tournaments and deep stack turbo events. Casino goers can also participate in horse racing, play table games, or wager on sporting events in addition to playing poker.

Players can also use the casino's Players Rewards Club to gain entry to premium events, gifts on their birthdays, faster access to their rooms, free check cashing, and VIP host concierge service, among other perks.

Harrington Raceway

Situated off DuPont Highway in Harrington, Delaware, Harrington Raceway casino has been a haven for live poker players in Delaware. Harrington casino offers 1,800 slots and 40+ table games, and the casino has a 100-seat poker room and offers games like Texas Hold 'em, Omaha hi-lo, 7-Card Stud, and Dealer's Choice.

What Casinos Pay Out The Most In Delaware?

Harrington Raceway casino has one of the highest payouts in Delaware. The casino payout percentage is the total amount of money returned to winning players in a single session of play and is also referred to as the return to player percentage.

The net amount remaining after a gambling site has deducted its operating expenses from a player's wagering deposit is the amount that the player will receive as a prize. More monetary awards will be awarded to players on a gaming site if the payout scale is more significant.

The payout percentage for players in a casino is easily calculated by comparing the amount of money the site has received from gamblers with the total amount of money it has paid out to players. If a casino accepts $100 and returns $92, the player payout percentage is 92.6%, while 7.4% of the wagers return to the game provider as profit.

According to the regulatory regulations in the gambling business, every licensed casino must provide all relevant information regarding player payout percentages. According to state law, the annual return on all wagers placed on video lottery games must be between 87% and 95%. However, with the permission of the Director of the Delaware Lottery, some games can offer a return of greater than 95%.

As a player, to make more money, you need to know which casino offers the best payouts before you start gambling. When you win on a gambling site, you can expect bigger payouts if the RTP is high. The best payout percentage return has come from Harrington Raceway, while Delaware Park comes second, and Bally's Dover is being relegated to last.

How Many Slot Machines Does Harrah’s Delaware Have?

Harrah's Casino and Racetrack has an extensive collection of slot machines with over **2450 *available for customers. However, after a decision to reconfigure the gaming floor and remove underperforming machines to allow better spacing, the casino's slot machines were reduced from their initial number to* 1700**.

Harrah's Philadelphia Casino and Racetrack subsidiary of Caesar's Entertainment, Inc., the leading source of branded casino entertainment worldwide.

The Chester, Pennsylvania-based Harrah's Philadelphia boasts the largest casino floor in the Philadelphia and greater Delaware/Pennsylvania area at 100,000 square feet, with 1700 slot machines and the most table games.

Live harness racing is available from April to December at the racecourse and simulcast facility. The casino is available at any time of day.

A wide variety of slot machines are available to players, from penny machines to high-limit games, and the casino has included 250 more video poker machines. There are 126 table games available, including four no-dealer computerized tables, displaying plenty of variety.

How Do I Place A Bet Online In Delaware?

Poker, video poker, conventional slots, blackjack, 3D slots, roulette, progressive slots, and novelty games are some of the electronic and table gaming possibilities available at Delaware's legal casino gambling sites.

Gambling options at online casinos are more extensive than those at traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Gamblers in Delaware can wager as little as one cent every spin or hand and as much as $5,000.

The following steps must be taken to place bets online in Delaware casinos.

Choose Your Preferred Casino

Decide which of the several Delaware online betting sites is the most excellent fit for you. As previously mentioned, the regulated online casinos in Delaware are tied to land-based casinos (Delaware Park, Bally's Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway casino).

Take your time before making this decision since it will significantly impact the overall quality of your online gaming experience. Make sure the site you choose meets your needs by providing you with the best possible bonuses, odds, and other necessities for an exciting gaming experience.

Sign Up And Fund Your Account

To comply with state law, online casinos in Delaware must obtain user data through a registration and verification procedure. Online casinos take this measure to prevent underage players and prevent fraud. On the other hand, online casinos streamline the sign-up process so that you can start playing in a matter of minutes.

As procedures go, this one ought to be simple and fast. While just basic information is required to sign up, players should be advised that particular Delaware online sportsbooks need extensive authentication methods before players can make withdrawals.

Take note of the site's identification needs and ensure you fulfill them. You should also have your banking details or credentials for a third-party payment service handy to finance your new account. Make sure you take advantage of any unique player benefits by checking them out.


Before placing any bets at your new Delaware online casino, familiarize yourself with all of the site's features. Don't rush things; poke around a bit to get a feel for what's here. When placing a wager on a game, bettors can use the wealth of information available at Delaware's casino betting sites, including expert picks, statistical trends, etc.

Make sure you use all the information available to make the most informed decisions.

Place Your Stakes

Make a preliminary wager based on your considerations. A good approach is to start small and then increase your efforts gradually. It's best to wait until you've got some experience under your belt before placing any significant wagers.

As a general rule, it is a good choice for people to begin wagering with a game they already know something about. For a start, bets with a better probability of success should be prioritized over those with enormous payoffs.

Collate Your Strategy

Having got some feel for how things roll in the casino, it is time to pick and collate your gaming strategy. The ability to self-evaluate and adjust tactics significantly differentiates professionals and amateurs.

Get off to a good start by keeping track of your wagers, the reasoning for making each one, and the outcomes. Keeping tabs on this data will reveal valuable insights into the success or failure of your strategy. Intelligently shifting your approach will speed up your learning curve.

Checkout New Games

The last step (albeit a much later one) is to switch things up once you've reached your potential in your current game of choice. Give yourself a chance to start over and gain exposure to a new facet of casino games. The experience will help you grow as a person and as a gamer by exposing you to novel situations and information.

Before placing any real money on the line, ensure you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Keep building on your previous successes.

Are Drinks Free In Delaware Casinos?

Due to regulations stipulated by state law, free drinks are not available at Delaware casinos. In Las Vegas, it's common practice to provide free drinks to gamblers, but the policies of casinos in other locations are less consistent from state to state.

The following states do not permit free drinks to gamers in a casino: Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Idaho, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Delaware, Oregon, and New Mexico.

The types of drinks and the number of beverages provided by states that do allow free drinks at casinos also differ. In some states, such as West Virginia, casinos can only offer free domestic beer. Still, in others, such as California, any alcoholic beverage is acceptable so long as the casino has the appropriate license.

Most people new to casinos have questions, like whether or not the drinks are indeed free, which games have the best odds of winning, and how to prevent losing money at the tables. The belief that casinos provide free alcohol has persisted for as long as casinos have. But you can't just assume that betting equals free booze.

While many casinos provide free drinks to patrons when seated at a slot machine or a gaming table, this does not mean that the glasses are without cost. Casinos will sometimes provide free drinks to patrons as a way to keep them playing and spending money, and since the "house" typically wins in the long run, you are effectively paying for these drinks each time you gamble.

Because of technological progress, slot machines have evolved into immersive, multi-sensory spectacles, while complimentary drinks are distributed more efficiently throughout casinos in areas where free drinks are accepted. Many modern slot machines have a special light that turns on when you've played for long enough to receive a free drink. The "comp validation system" has been used by the majority of the big Las Vegas casinos.

Can You Smoke In The Casinos In Delaware?

According to state law, smoking is not permitted within the confines of any Delaware casino. State law strictly forbids smoking in enclosed public buildings. However, some casinos offer comfortable areas outside the facility where smoking is permitted.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2002, the state Senate passed a bill known as the Clean Indoor Air Act that would make Delaware's smoke-free law one of the strictest in the country by prohibiting smoking in bars, restaurants, and casinos.

After approval from the house, the Clean Indoor Air Act took effect six months later, on November 27, 2002, and since then, gamers have been unable to smoke a cigarette in casinos.

What is The Oldest Casino In Delaware?

As a racino, Delaware Park is the oldest in the First State. Its establishment dates as far back as 1937 by William DuPont, Jr. (designer of twenty-three other racetracks) in collaboration with Donald P. Ross. On its opening day, June 26, 1937, the facility became Delaware's first and only thoroughbred horse racing track. Harrington Raceway then followed with its opening in 1946, while Bally Downs opened in 1969.

As a casino, Delaware Park and Bally's Dover Downs became casinos on the same day, December 29, 1995, after slots machines were allowed to be installed in racinos following the enactment of the Horse Racing Preservation Act the previous year, as highlighted above.

What is the Largest Casino In Delaware?

Delaware's largest gambling establishment is the Dover Downs Casino, which also has a harness racing track. The casino at Dover Downs is conveniently located near the NASCAR events at the nearby Dover International Speedway. Dover Downs has the widest variety of gambling options, with more than 3,000 slot machines and 40+ table games.

Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Company is the proprietor and manager of the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. On December 7, 2002, the casino began accepting gamblers.