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Delaware Blackjack

Delaware online blackjack is a great way to enjoy casino gaming from the comfort of your own home. With online blackjack, there is no need to travel to a casino. You can simply log in and start playing. In addition, online blackjack allows you to play at your own pace and take breaks whenever you want.

Blackjack is played with two decks of cards, and the goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Players can hit, stand, double down, or split, and the dealer must follow certain rules when playing.

Yes, playing online blackjack is completely legal in Delaware. Following the repeal of PASPA, Delaware became the first to legalize online casino gaming under the Gaming Competitiveness Act. The change allowed sites with gambling licenses to provide video slots and table games, including blackjack, roulette, and casino poker.

The Act legalizes online gambling operations through the Delaware Lottery, regulated by the Delaware Gaming Enforcement agency.

Do I Need To Supply An ID When I Visit A Delaware Blackjack Site?

Yes, players need to supply an ID when visiting a Delaware Blackjack Site. The minimum age to access any casino is 21. Players must present photo identification such as a driver's license or other government-issued forms of identification.

Gambling establishments must thoroughly examine each customer's identification documents before processing any financial transaction.

The casino industry follows nearly the same regulations as the banking sector. That's because both settings involve the exchange of substantial sums of money between businesses and their customers.

Because of this, both businesses have Anti-Money Laundering and Customer Due Diligence departments, which rely heavily on the accurate verification of identity documents.

Why Choose To Play Online Blackjack In Delaware?

Blackjack is one of the more popular gambling games among many players. Almost every local casino features some variation of blackjack. Some of the benefits of playing online blackjack include:

Improving Blackjack Skills.

Blackjack is one of the few casino card games in which a player can potentially make money by using a solid strategy and the ability to count cards. But mastery of both is necessary for long-term success.

Saves Time And Money.

It's not easy to get to the casino. You need to clean up, get dressed, and drive there. Assuming, of course, there is a casino in your area. Online blackjack offers a convenient solution. Instead of spending hours in transit and hundreds or thousands of dollars on gambling, it's a great option just to do it from the comfort of your home.

Playing At Your Own Pace.

Blackjack is a fantastic card game that can be a lot of fun, but the game's fast pace is the main reason so many high-stakes gamblers prefer it to other games.

Gambling online is excellent if you want to take your time. It's the perfect option if you're the type who likes to get up and walk to the refrigerator while contemplating your next move in a hand.

Playing blackjack online rather than in a brick & mortar casino is ideal for people who want to hone their skills without the added strain of competing with other players.

Bonuses And VIP Rewards.

One of the best parts about playing at an online casino is that you can get incentives and bonuses no matter how much you bet. Obviously, the more money you spend, the higher the benefits you'll receive.

In contrast to real-life blackjack, you won't need to risk hundreds of dollars to make a profit here.

VIP offers and rewards are also available at online casinos. These come with benefits like a percentage of your losses back (cashback), extra bonuses, faster withdrawals, increased betting limits, freebies, and more.

Easy & Fast Payments.

Making deposits at land-based casinos can sometimes be a hassle. You can pick from dozens of different deposit methods when you gamble at an online casino. Skrill, Neteller, Apple Pay, debit/credit cards, and other popular payment methods are all accepted at most online casinos.

BlackJack Gameplay

Is Online Blackjack Played With Real Money?

Yes, Online Blackjack can be played with real money in Delaware. Following the passage of the Gaming Competitiveness Act, real money gambling is legal in Delaware. Some examples of regulated online casinos in Delaware where you can play online blackjack include:

Delaware Park Racetrack

Delaware Park is a racetrack and casino. The casino features slot machines, video poker machines, video keno machines, and traditional table games. They also have sports betting and live keno at certain times of the day. The casino also has live-dealer poker.

Dover Downs

Dover Downs offers a comprehensive range of betting options. The online casino offers an easy-to-use layout with its simplified interface and quick links. In addition to blackjack, other table games include roulette, craps, baccarat, and poker.

Harrington Racing & Casino

Harrington Raceway and Casino offers a wide selection of games with an easy-to-use interface. Big Six, Blackjack, Crapless Craps, Craps, Roulette, Four-Card Poker, Heads-Up Hold 'Em, House Money Blackjack, Spanish 21, Three-Card Poker, Mississippi Stud, and Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em are among the table games offered.

Does Blackjack Pay Real Money?

Yes, Blackjack pays real money. Outside of poker, blackjack is the most played casino card game both physically and virtually. Blackjack's universal appeal stems from the game's low barrier to entry, rapid speed, and potential for monetary gain by any player. And as internet gambling has exploded in popularity, so has the game of blackjack.

Can You Play Online Blackjack On Your Phone In Delaware?

Yes, you can play Online Blackjack on your phone in Delaware. Mobile gambling has several advantages. Using your mobile device and a DE gambling app, you can enjoy your favorite casino games almost any time. Some people even favor these mobile casino apps over the more conventional PC versions.

Delaware casino apps also allow members to wager on sporting events. Using mobile casino apps is easy. Simply type in your identifying details and add some funds to your account.

How Many Online Casinos Are In Delaware?

While there are many online casinos available for use in Delaware, only three of them are regulated by the laws of the state. These approved casinos include Delaware Park Casino, Dover Downs Casino, and Harrington Raceway and Casino.

What Are The Different Online Blackjack Variants

There are several variations of the Blackjack game available around the world. However, some of the most popular ones are listed below.

American Blackjack

Because of its widespread acceptance, American Blackjack is known by other names, including Classic Blackjack and Standard Blackjack. In this case, the dealer is dealt two cards at once; one will be displayed openly, while the other will be hidden (the "hole card").

Like other blackjack games, the object here is to "beat the dealer" by collecting a total of 21.

If the dealer has a natural blackjack, you might choose not to increase your bet. The house advantage would be reduced by 0.05% in that situation.

The American version of blackjack deviates significantly from the European version. With a few exceptions, most blackjack variants adhere to the same basic rules and techniques as regular blackjack, with some minor adjustments.

Blackjack Switch

In addition to being one of the most entertaining forms of blackjack available to play online, Blackjack Switch also contains several unique side bets and regulations that allow players to switch cards to strengthen the strength of their hands.

In 2009, Geoff Hall developed and patented a game that would soon become a favorite among players at online casinos.

Double Exposure Blackjack

In October of 1979, American game theorist Richard Epstein brought his invention, Double Exposure, to the tables of the Vegas World casino. The game was originally referred to as "Zwei Kartenspiel," but the name Double Exposure was chosen by players since it more accurately described the game.

Buster Blackjack (Betting The Bust)

Buster Blackjack is not so much a variant of blackjack as it is a conventional game of blackjack with a side wager that rewards the player once the dealer busts. The odds of the dealer busting are low, hence the payout for the stake is increased for each extra card that the dealer needs to reach 21.

Buster Blackjack is played in the same manner as standard blackjack. Buster is a side bet in which the player wagers on whether or not the dealer will go bust. Whether a player wins or loses, their hand has no bearing on this side bet, which is solely focused on the dealer going bust.

Bets payout at odds increases with the number of cards it takes the dealer to go bust, from 1 to 1 for a three-card bust to 25 to 1 for an eight-card bust. However, the house still has very strong odds in the Buster Blackjack side bet.

European Blackjack

The rules of European Blackjack are largely based on those of traditional blackjack, making it one of the game's most played variations. Land-based casinos on the Old Continent provide tables for this game, though American casinos offer variations with slightly different rules.


This variant is extremely popular in the UK and takes many cues from the original blackjack game. Pontoon is played in the same way as traditional blackjack, with the same goal in mind: to beat the dealer's hand total without going over 21.

The card values are also consistent. The standard number of participants in a game of poker is two, but when there are more people involved, the deck size is increased to four.

Multi-deck games are usual for Pontoon variations played online.

Atlantic City Blackjack

The regulations used in Atlantic City casinos inspired the naming of this popular blackjack variant. Atlantic blackjack rules are mostly the same as those usually used, with a few exceptions.

Typically, eight complete decks are used when playing blackjack in Atlantic City, though certain online casinos may provide games with fewer or more decks. The goal is the same as it always has been: get a greater score than the dealer.

Progressive Blackjack

Playing a hand of progressive blackjack is identical to playing a hand of regular blackjack. The one distinction is the availability of a side bet. If a player is given an ace as their very first card, this bet wins.

With two aces in the first two hands, the payoff increases, and if the aces are suited, the payout increases even more. The player who gets four consecutively dealt suited aces wins the progressive jackpot.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

If you're a poker player wishing to up your activity, you can play anywhere from one to five hands at a time in any online version. Multi-hand blackjack variants improve players' odds of beating the house and provide them with more ways to win money.

This is because even if a player loses one hand, the other four may still provide profits, canceling out the initial loss. Of course, if a land-based casino has enough open betting boxes, multi-hand play is possible there as well. However, the advantages that multi-hand online variants can provide are substantial.

Spanish 21

Due to its many rule changes and distinctions from standard blackjack, Spanish 21 is a popular and entertaining variant. People who like 21 but have gotten bored with traditional blackjack will find enough to love about this variant. This activity is known as "Pontoon" in countries like Malaysia and Australia.

Bonus Blackjack (Blackjack With A Bonus)

Bonus Blackjack is played in the same way as regular blackjack, with the addition of an optional side wager that increases the payout for blackjack to the same level as in Buster Blackjack. Bonus blackjack is a favorite of card counters and high-stakes gamblers because it is always played with only two decks.

The game is played in the same vein as standard double-deck Blackjack, with the addition of a side bet that can be made before any cards are dealt. Usually, this bet pays off even if the dealer also has a blackjack, and it offers a bonus if you get a blackjack with your first two cards. For example, suited blackjacks may pay 25:1 at some casinos, while other blackjack hands may pay even less. Your bet will be lost if you do not get a blackjack.

California Blackjack

Since traditional blackjack pits the player against the house, it was deemed unlawful in the poker rooms of Southern California, which is where California Blackjack was born. To avoid breaking the law, participants in California Blackjack, still one of the most popular blackjack variants played in California card rooms, take turns acting as "bankers," putting themselves against a different player in the group after each hand.

Although there are some parallels between standard blackjack and California Blackjack, the two games are otherwise very dissimilar. One player at the table acts as the banker for each hand and competes against the other players. The 'bank' of the hand is the banker's initial stake, and the other players' goal is to win the bank while the banker seeks to grow it.

The objective is to reach 22 instead of 21, and players do not automatically lose when they bust. Jokers are also included and count for either 2 or 12. Because of this, it is commonly referred to as "No-Bust Blackjack."

Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack looks very similar to standard blackjack, with the goal being to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. However, it is played with eight Spanish decks (which do not include the 10-spot card).

When playing Double Attack, players can double their bets based on the dealer's up card (thus the name), which is revealed immediately after the first card is dealt. However, the most notable rule modification is that players may now surrender or double down at any time, giving skilled players a better chance of winning.

Double Attack Blackjack looks very similar to standard blackjack, with the goal being to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. However, it is played with eight Spanish decks (which do not include the 10-spot card).

Because the first card dealt is the dealer's up card, players can double their bets with the Double Attack bet if they feel confident in the first card they see. The most notable regulation modification, though, allows players to surrender or double down at any time, giving skilled gamblers a better chance of coming out on top.

Chinese Blackjack

While Chinese Blackjack is most commonly available at Chinese casinos, you may find it in many South and East Asian countries. At first appearance, the game seems very similar to standard blackjack as players each receive two cards and try to reach 21 without going over. The game is uniquely Asian in many other respects.

Each player and the dealer start with two cards in a hand of Chinese Blackjack, just as they would in a standard game. Therein is the dividing line between the two; further comparisons reveal only increasing differences.

Players with two aces are certain to win. Dealers can take another card (called "hitting") or standing, and aces have varying values depending on the number of cards in play. The game of Chinese Blackjack may appear daunting at first, but after only an hour or two of practice, you'll be a pro.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Here we have an instance where a side bet has become so standard that it is usually spoken of as if it were a distinct type of blackjack. Before cards are dealt, players can place a Perfect Pairs side bet. The player must receive two cards with the same value or a pair to win the side bet.

Players Edge 21

The distinctions between Players Edge 21 and Spanish 21 are substantial enough to prevent any confusion. In Players Edge 21, you win automatically if you have two cards of the same suit and rank.

Super Fun 21

One of the most-played casino games in Sin City is Super Fun 21. Although the payout in blackjack is always balanced, the game has many other rules that benefit the players. If a player possesses six cards or more, he or she must always win if their total is 20 or higher.

When a player's hand contains five or more cards, the player always wins if their total is 21. In this case, the player also receives a payout of 2 to 1. Although the odds aren't the best in the casino, Super Fun 21 is still a fun alternative.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

One of the more popular variations of blackjack is Vegas Strip Blackjack. The name of the game comes from its traditional setting. Las Vegas's "strip" spans a four-mile section of South Las Vegas Boulevard beyond the city limits. Lots of great hotels and casinos may be found nearby.

The main goal of Vegas Strip blackjack is the same as the classic game, with one minor difference. In American blackjack, the dealer is allowed to peek if his up card is a face card, an ace, or a 10, but in this variant, he or she may only peek at an ace.

Face Up Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack, often known as Face Up Blackjack, is a common blackjack variant. The dealer's hand plays a larger role in this type than it does in standard blackjack. In Face Up Blackjack, both of the dealer's initial cards are dealt face up, as opposed to the traditional blackjack setup in which one card is dealt face down (the "hole card").

Although the rules of the game change slightly, playing Face Up Blackjack is still a breeze for beginners. It's acceptable to double down, divide, or even fold. Whoever has the closest hand to 21 wins. However, the payment percentage varies according to the type of win.

Free Bet Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack, created by blackjack innovator Geoff Hall, is a widely played variant of the classic game. Unlike standard blackjack, in this variation, the player seldom has to put his own money on the line when splitting or doubling. All wagers are deemed a push if the dealer's card totals 22, just as they are in Blackjack Switch (another creation of Geoff Hall).

In addition to the standard double, Free bet blackjack allows for free doubles on hard totals of two cards of 9, 10, or 11. At the same time, you can freely split any pair except a ten.

6-in-1 Blackjack

6-in-1 Blackjack is a variant of the classic blackjack game from Felt Gaming. Simple six-deck game with standard rules, including a soft 17 rule, doubling after a split, and blackjack payouts of 3:2. Six more side bets have been added by the Felt game designers to spice up the action.

What Is The Best Blackjack Variant?

All Blackjack variations have their strengths and weaknesses, i.e they can be classified as the best if they suit the player's needs and preferences. They also depend on what card the player holds. However, based on offers of higher odds which translates to potential higher payouts for players and popularity, the following Blackjack variants are highly recommended.

Double Exposure Blackjack

One of the few blackjack variants that improve the player's odds, Double Exposure Blackjack is a fan favorite among blackjack players. This makes it extremely uncommon, as most casinos prohibit blackjack variants that give players an advantage.

European Blackjack

When it comes to players, some are better than others. To improve your chances of winning even a little bit, you should prioritize playing better-paying versions like European Blackjack (as long as you play a perfect blackjack strategy). There are more than a hundred variations of blackjack floating around, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the specific rules of each game.

American Blackjack

Most European blackjack players choose to play American blackjack, also known as Classic blackjack. The most noticeable distinction between American blackjack and other variants is that the dealer in American blackjack receives his hole card before the players make their moves.

American Blackjack

American Blackjack (also called Classic Blackjack) is as popular as European Blackjack. A difference between both is when the dealer picks his whole card. In American Blackjack, the dealer gets his hole card before a player makes any decisions. Other key differences include dividing and doubling down.

European Blackjack

In European Blackjack, the dealer gets their hole card after the player decides how to play their cards. American/Classic Blackjack has fewer restrictions on gameplay.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack, so called because it is the most popular variant played on "The Strip," a section of South Las Vegas Boulevard famous for its abundance of hotels and casinos.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch differs from standard blackjack games because each player has two hands. The second card is dealt to each player's hand, and they might choose to swap or exchange the cards in their hands at this time.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Before cards are given, players can make the Perfect Pairs side bet. Pairs (two cards of the same rank or a face card) are the minimum requirement for this side bet to pay off.