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Fantasy Sports | Delaware

Delaware is quickly becoming a hub for fantasy sports activity. Thanks to its location and infrastructure, the Blue Hen state offers fantasy sports players several benefits.

Delaware's proximity to Philadelphia and New York City means that fantasy sports players in Delaware have easy access to some of the country's biggest and most active fantasy sports communities.

Yes, DFS games are legal in Delaware. Daily fantasy sports became legal in Delaware in 2017 when Governor John Carney signed the Delaware Interactive Fantasy Contest Act into law. This act allowed betting on daily fantasy sports competitions provided by online operators within Delaware.

A year later, a signed bill HB 249, changed daily fantasy sports from a game of chance to a game of skill, clearing further ambiguities on its legal status.

Daily fantasy sports gambling is regulated and controlled by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Who Regulates Fantasy Sports in Delaware?

Daily fantasy sports games are regulated and guided by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement. This body enforces the laws that guide daily fantasy sports games in Delaware and also handles the licenses of daily fantasy sports operators.

What is DFS Gambling?

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) refers to a traditional fantasy game variant that is played in shorter terms, like a day or a weekend/week.

Daily fantasy sports use fantasy teams selected from a player pool containing all players in a competition or a league. Team owners fill their teams up and create a lineup for the fantasy league or competition.

Points are earned based on the performance of the team. The fantasy player with the highest points in a league or tournament wins the tournament.

Daily fantasy sports gambling has more frequent team selection guided by a salary cap. The salary cap is an amount given to fantasy players to purchase athletes for their teams. Athletes have their stated price tags, and fantasy players must strategically select their team and lineups while not exceeding the salary cap.

DFS gambling often involves placing bets in fantasy leagues and tournaments where players can win real money from wagers.

What is the Most Played Fantasy Sport in Delaware?

Fantasy football ranks among the most played Delaware fantasy sports games. Daily fantasy football games are based around NFL and college football teams. American Football is also the most popular sport in the US, with millions of fans within and outside the country.

Fantasy football is played by over 35 million fantasy players in the US with no geo-restrictions on team selection. Fantasy players in Delaware can select players from the Delaware State Hornets and any other team around the country.

Of about 46 million fantasy sports players in the US, approximately 78% play fantasy football. In comparison, fantasy baseball is the second most popular fantasy game in the US, played by 39% of fantasy sports players.

Like football, fantasy baseball is based on the real-life sport of baseball. Fantasy sports players can select athletes from the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens, Wilmington Blue Rocks team, or other teams.

Yes, Fantasy football is legal in Delaware. Fantasy football is a variant of daily fantasy sports games which has been legal in Delaware since 2017.

With its leading gambling regulations, Delaware guides and controls fantasy sports gambling through the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement body.

Yes, Fantasy Baseball is legal in Delaware. Fantasy baseball is a form of fantasy sport played in Delaware. It was legalized in 2017 when Governor John Carney legalized daily fantasy sports.

Fantasy baseball is based on the real-life sport of baseball, one of the most popular sports in the US and the world. Statewide gaming activity is regulated by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement body.

Yes, sports betting is legal in Delaware. It became legal in 2018 following the end of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Governor John Carney placed the first state single-game sports wager at Delaware Park on the 5th of June, 2018.

Betting packages can be accessed at any of the state's casinos, including Harrington Raceway & Casino Race and Sportsbook, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino’s Murphy’s Race Sports Bar and Grill, and Delaware Park.

Sports bettors must be 21 or older to play in Delaware.

Can you Win Real Money Playing Daily Fantasy Sports in Delaware?

Yes, you can win real money from playing daily fantasy sports in Delaware. Fantasy sites offer real money games that require an entry fee for competitions or a wager.

Following the overturning of the ban on real money contests, fantasy players in Delaware can win real money by placing bets on fantasy games and competitions. Players can also participate in daily fantasy contests and tournaments with cash prizes and other forms of prizes for winners.

Look out for cash games when playing daily fantasy sports for a better chance at winning real money. Daily fantasy sports contest models may include cash games and a guaranteed prize pool, with some decided prizes to be won.

How do I bet on Fantasy Sports in Delaware?

Anyone aged 21 or above can bet on fantasy sports in Delaware. However, certain factors must be considered before placing a bet on fantasy sports.

Players must understand what bet they’re placing and how to do it. Here are a few tips to consider before placing a bet:

Take Note of Decimal Odds

There is a decimal number beside all point spreads, total, and money spread. It is the decimal odds, and it includes your original stake. To calculate your potential winning, multiply your bet by the decimal odds. The figure you get is the amount you will win if the bet is properly placed.

Place Bets on Totals

Totals refer to over/under bets. The sportsbook gives a number which is the total points scored by both teams cumulatively.

Players place a bet on whether the teams will cumulatively score above or below that number. Different factors can affect this bet including an injured superstar on your team. If the odds are high, you can make an ‘under’ bet while you can make an ‘over’ bet when the odds are low.

Wager on Point Spreads

Point spreads are used to balance out each team’s winning odds. Points are added to the final score of the underdog and the favorite will have to win by at least one point more than the added points. For example, where the underdog is given 5 more points, the favorite has to win by at least 6 points. The favorites are said to cover the spread when he makes this point. Where the spread is not covered and is not under, it is referred to as meeting the spread. Bettors do not win or lose when this happens.

Make Wagers on Money Spread

It is a bet on who outrightly wins the game. You bet on your favorite that you’re convinced will win the game or competition. Consider the point spread. Both teams are seen as evenly matched when the point spread is expressed as (-0.4)(+0.4).

The team with a negative decimal is the favorite to win. Also, consider the factors that can affect both teams' performances like the weather.

Adopt American Odds

American odds are expressed as negative or positive numbers next to the decimal odds. A positive number is how many wins a player will get from winning a standard 100 BTC stake.

A negative number means the amount a player is to give as the original stake to get the 100-bitcoin stake back. Bitcoins/BTC are a form of accepted payment currency.

Players who know how to place their bets also need to know where to place their bets. Placing your bets with a good fantasy site or sportsbook can help maximize your winnings. Here are a few tips on finding the right fantasy sites and sportsbooks to bet with:

Search for a Reputable Fantasy Site or Sportsbook

The first step to making bets is to find a safe fantasy site or sportsbook where you can make a bet.. Avoid sites bugged with ads and sites you can only navigate after giving your credit card number. These measures are to help ensure your safety as you search for the right fantasy site or sportsbook.

Check site reviews, odds, promotional offers, and interface. Also, check to confirm your favorite sport is offered and the site's or sportsbook's terms and conditions.

Check for deposit and withdrawal methods if you are eligible. You can also check the frequently asked questions of a fantasy site to get answers to some questions you might have.

Start Wagering with Small Amounts

For beginners, it’s better to start their betting journey by betting smaller amounts. It’ll help maximize the wins and minimize losses. Betting with small amounts can also help with finding a strategy. When bettors feel more confident in their betting skills and strategies, they can increase their stake amounts gradually.

Learn about your favorite sport

Sports bettors usually bet on their favorite sports, which is smart, because they're armed with some knowledge to determine what type of bets to place on certain games and teams,

You can forecast which team is the underdog in a game or competition and make bets accordingly. Some sports bettors make bets on certain sports because of the attractive odds it offers. These bettors must also learn about that sport to place bets on them successfully.

Playing Online

What are the Best DFS sites in Delaware?

The best and most used daily fantasy sites in Delaware are DraftKings and FanDuel. These fantasy sites offer lucrative promotional offers, with DraftKings offering up to a $500 deposit bonus.

They also offer a wide range of games, making them the choice for Delaware residents across different sports. Other operating fantasy sites in Delaware include Daily Fantasy NBA, Daily Fantasy NFL, Daily Fantasy NHL, and Daily Fantasy MLB.

Yes, daily fantasy betting apps are legal in Delaware. Daily fantasy betting apps became legal in 2017 when fantasy sports were legalized in Delaware.

Daily Fantasy sports betting in Delaware is controlled and regulated by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement. This body gives licenses to these sites to operate and can decide what games the sites offer.

Fantasy betting apps can be accessed using mobile devices on the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store.

How old Do you Have to be to Play Delaware daily fantasy?

Delaware's legal age to play daily fantasy sports is 21 years or older. It is stipulated by law and enforced by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement.

As of 2022, Delaware has three legal sportsbooks: Dover Downs, Harrington Raceway and Casino, and Delaware Park Casino.

Due to the gambling laws, only these three sportsbooks are legally recognized and licensed.

The three brick-and-mortar casinos licensed to offer sportsbook services in Delaware do not have online sportsbook platforms. Sports betting is allowed in Delaware, but online sportsbooks are yet to launch in Delaware.

Some online sportsbooks offer offshore services within Delaware.

No, PrizePicke is not legal in Delaware and is unavailable to residents. As of 2022, PrizePicks isn’t licensed by Delaware gambling regulators.

While sports betting is allowed in Delaware, Bet365 is not legal in Delaware as of 2022. The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement has to license its operations as a sportsbook in Delaware for it to be legal. Bet365 is, however, available in other states, including New Jersey.

Is Caesars Sportsbook in Delaware?

No, Caesars is not legal and not available in Delaware. It has not been licensed by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement, meaning it has no legal authority to offer sportsbook services within Delaware.

As of 2022, Bovada isn't licensed by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement. While it offers offshore online sportsbooks gaming to residents, Bovada is not available in Delaware.

No. As of 2022, BetMGM is not legal in Delaware and is not available in Delaware. It isn't licensed to operate in Delaware by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Yes. As of 2022, DraftKings is legal in Delaware as a daily fantasy site, not a sportsbook. DraftKings operates within Delaware as a fantasy sports provider, while its sportsbook services are not offered.

The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement licenses DraftKings as a fantasy site.

No. As of 2022, SuperDraft is not legal and not available in Delaware. It hasn't been licensed by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement to provide sportsbook services in Delaware. It also isn’t allowed to provide paid fantasy contests within Delaware.

Do you have to Pay Taxes on Fantasy Sports Winnings?

Yes, fantasy sports winnings attract taxes that depend on the amount won. When the winnings are below $600, no taxes are required. However, fantasy players owe taxes for winnings above $600.

Fantasy sports winnings constitute taxable income the IRS expects to pay.

Daily fantasy sports activity is legal in 45 US states. The states that don’t allow daily fantasy sports include; Idaho, Hawaii, Washington, Nevada, and Montana.