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Playing Baccarat

Baccarat is a simple and interesting game whether or not you are playing for money. All you have to do is know the rules, make your decision, and enjoy the game. Here is all you need to know about baccarat and how it is played.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Whether you play online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, baccarat is one of the most accessible casino games. The rules are easy to learn, and playing requires no prior expertise or recognizable strategy. Baccarat also offers high odds of winning resulting from its low house edge. Unlike some other casino games, the house or casino only has a minimal advantage in baccarat main betting options.

The house edge is typically 1.24 percent when betting on the player and 1.06 percent when betting on the banker’s hand. Also, the game has become more affordable, especially when played online. You can wager as low as a dollar per game, and several online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses and let players play free games.

The Player's objective in baccarat is to guess which hand of the game will have a higher point or score. Understanding the elements of the game is important.

The game has a player side consisting of seven to fourteen seats but just one banker side. Typically, two cards are dealt to both the payer and the banker side. A third may be dealt, depending on the rules of the game's variant.

The value of the card determines the points assigned to a side. In any case, the three possible outcomes and basic options to wager on in a baccarat round are: the player wins, the bank wins, or there’s a tie.

The bank is not the same as the house or casino. Nor does the player side refer to the participants.

The bank and player simply refer to the two sides participants of the game can wager on. Therefore, irrespective of the number of participants, cards are dealt to one bank and one player.

What is Considered a Winning Hand in Baccarat?

After cards have been dealt to the player and banker sides, the cards are compared, and points are assigned to both sides. The side with the card value closest to nine emerges as the round winner or is considered to have the winning hand.

So, for example, where a player side has a card value of two and five, and the banker has three and three. The Player has the winning hand because seven is greater than six.

Meanwhile, a side with a score of eight or nine is considered ‘a natural’. A score of nine is the best winning chance for a side and the best possible outcome. A side that strikes this luck is said to have a natural nine. When this happens, there is no need to draw a third card except if both hands have the same points, which is considered a tie.

How are Points Calculated in Baccarat?

Certain rules apply to the calculation of points in baccarat. A side’s point depends on the value of the card dealt to it. Each card has a certain value according to the rules of the game.

A 10, a king, a queen, and a jack card have no score. They are worth zero points. Meanwhile, an ace card has a value of 1, and cards with numbers two to nine carry their face value.

For example, a five will contribute five points, while one means one point. In baccarat, a hand’s total points cannot exceed nine. When the sum of a player or banker’s card value is more than 9, the score would be the second digit of the number.

For example, if a hand has 8 and 6, the score would be 4. As 14, which is the sum of eight and six, cannot be assigned as a score. So one, which is the first digit, is removed.

Finally, the dealer can draw a third card if one hand has a total score between zero and five and the other hand does not reach a natural. The card’s value will add to the existing score of the hand. Dealing a third card is based on predetermined rules of the game, not on the discretion of the players.

What are the Rules to Play Baccarat Online?

The rules for playing baccarat vary depending on the version of the game and the interface provided by the online casino. But in any case, variations are limited to the details. All baccarat games have fundamental rules in common.

Below are important steps to note if you intend to play baccarat online.

The first thing to do after picking an online casino to play baccarat in is to decide how you want to play. There’s usually not much to do strategically when playing baccarat. But it is important not to get carried away with the excitement of the game.

You may not be able to control the game, but you can control how much money you decide to spend. One helpful tip is to set aside an amount you can conveniently part with without hurting your finances.

It is also advisable to have a strategy on when to exit the game. Knowing when to walk away avoids the temptation of playing beyond what you set aside for the game. Some players usually have a win limit which may be when they double their winnings.

After deciding on a strategy, then you should fund your gaming account.

Next, you have to place your bet. All players are required to place their bets before cards are dealt. Baccarat is a game of luck, but some choices are generally not as profitable as others.

For example, betting on a tie and other non-standard bets in variants like Dragon Tiger. The house edge for such choices is usually high, and the casino will likely gain more from the bet than you.

Also, note that the payout rate for wagers differs depending on the hand. The player’s hand gets a payout of 1/1 while a 5% commission is deducted from the banker’s winnings. A tie usually has a payout rate of 8/1.

Winnings are usually paid immediately, but gamers can either cash-out, repeat their previous bet, or double it.

You should also understand the game, including when a side can stand and when to hit for a third card. The banker’s side can hit with a total point of two or less, while a player can do so when total points equal five or less. There’s no need to hit if either side has a natural score of 8 or 9.

What are the Rules for Play Baccarat in Person?

The rules for playing baccarat online and in person are fundamentally similar. But playing in person involves visiting an on-site casino. There are usually some extra rules and etiquette, including

  • Before joining a game, inquire about it and know the rules. There are several baccarat variants in addition to the classic game, and each version has distinguishing features and slight variations in rules. So, know what type of game you are going to be playing.
  • Players are only permitted to join the table before or after a game, not during it. Even if you are invited to sit, you cannot place a bet until after the game.
  • Touching one’s chip after placing a bet can be viewed as an attempt to cheat
  • Though you often have the freedom to have drinks and smoke, always be considerate to other players.
  • Ensure that you cover the commission after playing.
  • Some casinos may have dress codes for baccarat. But this is not very common in the country.

What are the Advantages of Playing Baccarat Online?

Playing baccarat online has several advantages, including


Playing baccarat in person requires gamers to leave their homes and visit brick-and-mortar casinos, which may be far from their residence. But with a mobile device or personal computer, you can play baccarat online from anywhere in the state.

Access to several variants

Online casinos usually offer players more game variants than physical casinos can offer. Also, online casinos have several tables, enough for many players. So you don’t have to wait till there’s space for you to play.

Instructions are easily accessible

Online casinos provide instructions for games so that new players can learn before playing. You don’t have to ask anyone or find an instructor, all the instructions and rules you need to know will be presented before you play.

It accommodates both low and high stakes

Online baccarat is very affordable. Low-stakers have the opportunity to enjoy the game. Also, online casinos do usually have high betting limits, which allows high-rollers to explore their interests as well. a