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Sports Betting - Withdrawals and Deposit

Sports betting is now available in Delaware. In addition to offering a variety of sports books, the Diamond State also offers several options for deposits and withdrawals.

For example, sports bettors in Delaware can use their credit cards to deposit into their sportsbook accounts. Additionally, they can withdraw winnings from their account using various methods, including cash, check, or bank transfer.

What Banking/Deposit methods are available for sports betting in Delaware?

Most state-regulated Delaware casinos with sportsbooks operate under the same license, so the options for deposits and withdrawals are essentially the same. Highlighted below are some of the main deposit and withdrawal options gamers can use.


PayPal accepts transactions from legitimate online bookmakers. However, not all bookmakers are offered PayPal's services.

One of the appeals of using PayPal (compared to traditional online payment systems like bank accounts and credit cards) is that it allows gamers to keep their betting funds in separate accounts.

ACH (VIP Preferred eCheck)

VIP Preferred is a safe financial services company that works with a big part of the US gaming industry, including land-based casinos. Customers are automatically signed up for VIP Preferred at sportsbooks that use it the first time they make a deposit.

To make an ACH deposit, you must enter your routing number, checking account number, and the amount you want to deposit. Most bank transfer deposits are put into the customer's betting account immediately.

When you use an ACH transfer or an eCheck to make a deposit, it's almost always free, quick, and easy.

Wire transfer deposits take a little more work (usually a trip to the bank to authorize the transfer) and cost more money from the bank.

The main issue with ACH banking is that you have to have an online bank account with a bank that your chosen sportsbook will accept. Most of the time, however, the list includes the biggest and most well-known banks, like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, etc., making it easy for most customers to deposit.

VISA and Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard are accepted almost everywhere. You can start quickly and easily at almost any online sportsbook if you have a credit or debit card from either brand.

However, it is not unusual for financial institutions to refuse deposits made for online gambling. Due to internal policies, many banks will instantly decline deposits related to sportsbooks or casinos. Users should contact customer support in such a case and attempt a resolution.

Second, most financial institutions treat credit card money moved into gambling accounts as cash advances. This means that the bank may charge a fee. You must consult the guidelines set forth by your financial institution to confirm this.

Finally, some institutions also do not permit cashouts. Users who make their initial deposit with a credit or debit card will need a second method activated to extract any winnings, as credit and debit cards only work in one direction when sending funds.

Other Deposit Options

Residents of Delaware who wish to explore online sportsbooks in neighboring states can also make deposits using the options discussed below.

Neteller and Skrill

Although Neteller is accessible in the United States, it has seen much greater success in other countries. It has many of the same benefits as PayPal, but its betting limits at casinos and sportsbooks are higher. Skrill rose to prominence thanks to virtual gaming platforms.

One of Neteller's main drawbacks is that it has more stringent limits on the amount of money you can load onto your account than its competitors. Some sportsbooks also don't allow Neteller deposits and thus don't offer bonuses.

The primary challenge of Skrill is its limited availability. Fewer casino operators support Skrill than do those that offer alternatives. Last but not least, just like with Neteller, some operators will not accept Skrill when making the first deposit.

Play+ Prepaid Card

For frequent bettors, a Play+ prepaid card is an appealing option. This deposit method is simple to use, allows instant deposits, and allows for electronic bank transfers or cash withdrawals.

Play+ is essentially two deposit methods in one. Customers who choose this method are first directed to create an online Play+ account. After signing up, bettors can instantly upload funds online and begin placing bets.

New users can also obtain a physical Play+ card in the mail. This card is connected to their online Play+ account and can be used anywhere Discover is accepted.

Withdrawals can be requested online, prompting Play+ to send funds via electronic bank transfer. Customers can also withdraw cash from an ATM using their physical Play+ card.


PayNearMe is an option for bettors who want to fund their online sports betting accounts with physical currency. It also provides the added benefit of enhanced privacy because customers are never required to share their banking information with a third party.

When bettors choose PayNearMe to deposit, they enter an amount and receive a pay slip which they can save to their phone or print. They then take the pay slip to the closest PayNearMe cashiering location (usually a convenience store or nearby pharmacy) to pay with cash. PayNearMe deposits are often processed within minutes by bookmakers.

Cash at the Gate

Mobile sportsbooks sometimes partner with local casinos for market access in Delaware-neighboring states such as New Jersey and Philadelphia. In such cases, patrons can visit any betting site's retail sportsbook to make an in-person cash deposit or withdrawal.

Privacy, instant deposits, and no fees are all advantages of in-person deposits. It's also pleasant to make an in-person withdrawal and receive physical currency. The most significant disadvantage is the lack of physical security when transporting large sums of cash to or from a casino.

You'll have fewer options when cashing out at a sportsbook than when depositing. On average, processing times are longer, and identity verification is required before withdrawals for fraud prevention purposes. Generally, Delaware bettors have access to the following withdrawal options:

  • ACH eCheck
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Venmo
  • Prepaid Card
  • Cash at the Casino Cage
  • Check by mail

What’s the maximum amount that I can deposit for sports betting in Delaware?

There is no set maximum amount that a person can deposit at a sportsbook in Delaware. Usually, the deposit limit for each member depends on their country, the type of payment method they use to fund their account, and their status and account history.

What’s the maximum amount permitted for a stake in sports betting?

Instead of a maximum stake limit, Delaware bookmakers have a maximum payout limit in place. The following are the reasons why Delaware sportsbooks have a maximum payout limit:

  • Protection against large payouts that could lead to financial ruin
  • safeguards against match-fixing (less popular sports often have smaller maximum bets and maximum payout limits).
  • To prevent high-stakes bettors and other bookmakers from manipulating odds.

Bettors should know that the Delaware Lottery allows sportsbooks to delay payouts of $10,000 or more until the next regular banking day.

What’s the minimum amount permitted for a stake in sports betting?

The minimum amount per stake in sports betting at Delaware sportsbooks is $10. However, after reviewing an individual player’s playing status and account history, Delaware bookmakers may change the minimum amount permitted per stake for a player.

How long do Withdrawals take for Sports Betting?

The payment provider's processing time and the bookmaker's current withdrawal volume will affect your withdrawal time from a legal Delaware sportsbook. In addition, before releasing funds, reputable sportsbooks typically review withdrawal requests internally. This type of review usually takes 1-2 days, but it can take up to 5 days in some cases.